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Surface Preparation and Cleaning

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The first step—and one of the most important ones—required to produce a quality bond between two substrates is the surface preparation. There are different ways to prepare material that will be bonded together, depending on the materials and the matrix that will be used for bonding, whether it be a structural adhesive or a tape.

The most important part of the process is cleaning the surface to remove any oils, dirt, dust, other loose solids, or foreign objects that may be present. This is best achieved with organic solvents that will dissolve foreign objects so they can be wiped away, and then evaporate leaving no residue.

Another surface preparation process that is highly beneficial for bonding substrates is abrading. Creating a textured or scored surface on the bonded materials results in a stronger and more secure bond.

Surface Preparation Products from Adhesive Bonding Technologies 

At Adhesive Bonding Technologies, we offer a full line of surface preparation products, including:

  • Variety of solvents to meet your project needs
  • Clean room grade rags to stop the spread of foreign objects of debris
  • Pre-wetted and packaged solvent wipes to save you time and money
  • Different styles of abrasives both woven and non-woven 
  • Varying levels of abrasives from light to heavy duty stock removal
  • Specialty abrasives for all surface shapes and contours
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