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Solvents play a crucial role in surface preparation. The purpose of cleaning a surface before bonding a material with a solvent is to remove dust, dirt, and oils but also to not leave a film behind that could impair the bond strength.
Things to consider when choosing a solvent are some of the following. What material(s) are you prepping? Is there a specific residue you’re attempting to remove? Possibly from the manufacturing process of that material. Is there a need for a certain evaporation rate?
Solvents become even more important for creating a clean surface when different variables will be affecting the bond. Such as odd contours and shapes, vibration or stress, extreme temperatures, and when chemical or natural resistance is necessary.
Solvent products from Adhesive Bonding Technologies
At Adhesive Bonding Technologies, we offer solvents in an array of packaging
  • All fantastic degreasers
  • Different evaporation speeds
  • I.P.A better for most plastics
  • Acetone and M.E.K better for metals
  • Offered in pre-packaged applicators
  • Some products require hazardous materials shipping charge in large quantities and air shipments
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