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  • BondPrep abrasives
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Abrasives are a substantial influential piece of surface preparation from helping clean up a surface to removing surface stock and scoring the surface. While not all situations can use abrasives depending on the material it is highly recommended to abrade if possible.
Abrading a surface creates a rough texture which creates a subtle amount of more surface area and naturally a rough surface creates better “grip” this same concept lets adhesives and tapes also bond much stronger to many different surfaces and materials.
Abrading becomes especially important when different variables will be affecting the bond such as odd contours and shapes, vibration or stress, extreme temperatures, and when chemical or natural resistance is necessary.
Abrasives Products offered by Adhesive Bonding Technologies
At Adhesive Bonding Technologies, we offer a range of abrasion products such as:
  • Flexible woven abrasives for hard to abrade shapes and contours
  • Non-woven abrasives for higher stock removal
  • Stick on discs for pneumatic sanders saving time
  • Specialty abrasives for hard to reach area’s such as channels and tubular shapes
  • Variety of abrasive grades from scuffing to stock removal
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