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Our business was opened in 1983 as St. Croix Diversified located in Houlton, Wisconsin by Scott Wang. Our primary business function was re-gasketing heat exchanger plates for dairy plant pasteurization equipment. In 1987 operations were moved to Hudson, Wisconsin (10 minutes East of the 3M center and St. Paul, MN). And throughout the years our products and services have expanded to encompass Composites, adhesives, aerospace, automotive, military/defense, medical, and electronic products.

BondPro Corporation and Adhesive Bonding Technologies

In 1992 the company was incorporated. In 1999 our name changed to BondPro Corporation. In 2012 Adhesive Bonding Technologies (ABT) was born now located in Hayward Wisconsin. Since conception in 1983, we have expanded our focus to include such markets as: Composites, adhesives, aerospace, automotive, military/defense, medical, automotive, electronic, and computer components.


We look forward to the future with optimistic attitudes. We continue ahead at a controlled rate to assure customers that, "quality takes precedence over quantity". We will continue to expand our processes and products to suit our current and prospective customer needs. Our focus is to build mutually beneficial relationships with customers by making their bonding and adhesive technology needs more reliable, efficient, cost effective and productive.

Our Experience

Through quality staffing, diverse manufacturing and machinery capabilities come better end products. At Adhesive Bonding Technologies, we believe in innovating and developing new technologies and processes that add value, savings and quality to your end product. With over 30 years in business experience and the "hands-on" background in adhesive bonding, ABT has a unique ability to get end results that meet and exceed the needs of our customers.
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